Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Three months out

Here we are once again with some face changes.  The surgery recovery has been great.  She did great and really the only reminder of it all is the scar on her hip. I really expected it to be smaller, but instead it will be permanent reminder for her of what she went through this summer.

Our new adventure includes a bite plate on the bottom and braces on the top.  The under bite is so severe that without the bite plate she would knock the brackets off the front of her teeth.  The orthodontist is optimistic that the bite plate will come out in 3-4 months. This set of braces will be on 6-9 months.  The next set will come about 2 years after these. So she will get a brief reprieve.  It is hard being Flo but sometimes God has mercy on us.

On August 20th, Flo's birthday, she was supposed to get her braces.  Instead the ortho decided she needed a plate.  She got a full three weeks without the appliance and no braces.  It so rocked. My husband was convinced that has never happened to anyone anywhere.  He thinks Flo has exceptional luck.  He could be right. 

Today Flo's response, "I don't  like my braces or bite plate."

We will see how her face changes once again.