Friday, December 12, 2014

Pampers, Pull-Ups, & Pads Oh My!

When you make the decision to adopt and there is a huge gap between your oldest and youngest this is what it looks like. Due to their special needs our younger two are in Pull-Ups and Pampers. Our teen & tween need big girl stuff as well as me. So as I was packing this was the thought that went through my mind...Pampers, Pull-ups & Pads Oh My! I will say it is a crazy, humorous and wonderful place to be. Traveling with our girls has been amazing. No one totally lost it until we waited 25 plus minutes in line to get on our last plane. Flo had had it. We had been through 5 airports in 24 hours and she lost it. I wanted to cry too. Now I'm just too tired to think so I'll have to fill you  in later on the details.