Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Crazy Days!

The clock is ticking and I am so ready to not be paper pregnant anymore.  I am ready to get the move on and still we wait.  Wednesday night we all came to the same conclusion that stuff had to go.  As I have been posting things on online yard sale sites as well as on Craigslist over the past 6 months, things had started collecting in our garage.  I would post them and then we would put them in the garage waiting for that one person to want our junk.  Well, we realized Wednesday night it was now out of hand.  It just had to go.  So, the idea of a yard sale came to mind.  Cold? Yes. Short notice? Yes. Too much going on this weekend?  Yes.  But every dollar made would go to our fund and it would mean less junk we had to get rid of one trip to the Thrift Store at a time.  So, we did it.  We made signs, made coffee, posted on websites and had our big yard sale with a two day notice.  We met some really nice people, made a little money, and saw friends that came by to buy a little and support us.  Awesome!  When we came home after Church, we had so hoped that the stuff we had left would have magically disappeared, but it was still there.  With rain lurking and leering, we decided to box it up and move the furniture inside.  At the end of our driveway, still sat the couch.  It had spent all day on FB as a hot topic.  Everyone wants a couch, but they really don't.  They really want you to deliver a couch to them.  So after our incredibly long day, we all just collapsed on the couch at the end of the driveway.  We all sat and chatted, sang of few lines of the friends them.  We cozied up together on that couch that everyone and no one wanted, not even us.  We just sat there all four of us.  Exhausted and so done, we took a big, long, outside time out on the big ole couch.  We realized that the couch actually did hold 4 people, even though for months we had been complaining about it.  We realized that it really was comfy.  We realized our elderly neighbors walking their dogs in the dark saw us as a little kooky because we were sitting on an old couch at the end of our driveway late at night. We are a little kooky.  There are so many reasons that would be the appropriate word. The fact that we started this process with $1,000.00 in the bank.  We had no idea we would be adopting 2 when we started 14 plus months ago.  The endless support we have had along the way and just the whole process this time.  We are just in awe of it all.  That night we just sat and took a 30 minute time out to absorb it all and realize that our family is about change.  It is about to change forever.  We are so blessed and can not imagine how blessed we are going to be when the boys get here.    Best Crazy day ever!

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