Thursday, November 21, 2013

Sweet Boy News!

I am about to get all Southern.  Our boy is cute Ya'll.  He is absolutely the cutest boy I have ever seen.  We saw some pictures that a mom took from last winter.  He is absolutely just the cutest and will break all the ladies hearts.  All of them.  He has an absolute head full of hair.  Just like Flo!  I am so grateful to the families that have traveled to this orphanage and chose to take pictures.  We are more in love with each picture.  We are praying that our home study goes smoothly and we can proceed to the next step.  We are still fundraising so spread the word about our t-shirts.  We will be doing some more fundraising in the next few months. So don't fret if you can't get in on the t-shirt one.  Remember prayers are always needed.

Flo is so excited about this adoption.  Even more so than I expected.  Back in the summer she had a little break down about being the only Asian family member.  It truly broke me.  I just was so heart broken.  I cried with her.  She was just I think frustrated with the surgery and exhausted from not being able to sleep well. (We have sleep issues for about six months after surgery.  I think it is anesthesia.)  She just did not understand any of it- the abandonment, the adoption, the whole thing.   This happens to all adopted kids at some point, but it came sooner than I expected.  We talked a long time and I just held her and let her know that there are many things about this we don't understand but God had a plan for her before she was born and we were part of His plan.  We love her forever and when she is old enough we will follow her and support her if she feels she wants to pursue finding her Chinese roots.  She ended that conversation with not understanding why she had to be the only Asian family member.  I think this adoption is going to really have a major impact on our family, but for her it is like a dream come true.  People tell us all the time that AG looks like me and I know it has to hurt Flo. With brother here we will now get, "They look so much alike."  Flo will have a big grin on her face!  And I can't wait! She may not have been born from my womb, but she loves like me and she hurts like me.  She aches for those in need and those that are hurting! She is my girl!

We have another meeting next week with our Social Worker.  Please continue to pray for us and our sweet boy!

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