Friday, June 14, 2013

Surgery information the first week!

I know these are out of order, but I wanted to put them in the order of days and this is what I came up with.  Start at the bottom of the post to read them in order. Not perfect, but it does give some small insight into our week. Thanks for reading.

Day 5

Daddy had plans to be out for part of the day.  The girls and I decided to go to Walmart and wheel Flo around in a wheel chair. After cleaning up the kitchen, decided to work on the blog for a while and let the girls play.  We then ventured out.  It was good a first but as Flo got tired she also got a little cranky. After two hours of shopping we decided to go home.  I spent the day just looking at the swelling in her face.  It seemed less than Thursday but still really bad.  I am hoping Saturday with be a new day.  We wore Flo out at the store and she was ready for bed after dinner.  She had rice tonight and I think it was a good change for her.

 Day 4

The girls had a bit of a lazy day.  With visitors 2 days in a row Flo was really tired.  She and her sister just hung out and watched television which was fine with me.  They did play some, but mostly just a chill day.  Daddy went and got new supplies of chicken noodle for Flo and chicken fingers for us from the grocery store. I did some clothes washing and thoroughly cleaned the kitchen.  Her pain was less today and we totally missed a dose meds because of that.  The evening brought us all upstairs for some card games while the evening thunder storm blew over.  My little chicks were a little scared to be downstairs alone during the storm, so playing card games on the bed seemed like a better idea.  Flo’s speech is getting worse as her face continues to swell. She slept through the entire night. 


Day 3!

Flo had an easier night, but the swelling is getting worse.  Her mouth is starting to hurt now.  She is still having difficulty getting up and down, but once she is up she is full force.  She informed me today that walking on her tip toes helped a lot.  I wanted to cry.  She again kept thanking me for taking care of her and she apologized for needing so much help.  She has been doing that since Monday and it just made me almost cry each time she said it. She is a grateful child.  We spent the morning getting her to eat and taking meds, bath, etc. She got her sister to play Barbies with her and that was the entire morning for them both. Around 1 family visitors started showing up.  We had cousins and Granny show up with balloons and ice cream.  Yeah!  Everyone stayed for an hour and visited.  Flo had her cousin here to play with and she really enjoyed that.  After everyone left she was really tired.  She slept really good and only got up one time during the night.


Day 2

We were up most of the night.  All afternoon Flo slept, so I knew that night she would be ready to party.  We had a wonderful day nurse and then when night time came we had a God moment.  Our night nurse had a five year old China baby at home. How cool was that?  She showed us pictures of her little cutie patootie.  We were treated like the stars of the floor that night.  By five am Flo was calling the nurse when she needed pain medication or anything else.  By nine in the morning she was calling the kitchen and ordering vanilla milkshakes.  She was given crafts, movies, and an invite to see a therapy dog in the Library at 11:30am.  Mark called us at 9:30am to let us know he was coming around 12.  The doctor had come by around 7:00 am Flo was still asleep, but he let me know that if her pain was managed we could leave in the late afternoon.  She was in pain when she got up to go to the bathroom and when she got back in bed.  Her face was swollen but the doctor told me it would get much worse by Friday. He basically told us we could leave at any time. We were so tired that the thoughts of going back home were exciting to both of us, but I think she really liked having the world at her fingertips. At 11:30 we went down to check out the dogs and brought back some freebies from the library.  If you know my daughter, you know that she loves the freebies.  We got a poster, book mark and some coloring sheets.  When we got back to her room and Daddy was there.  He brought shampoo and momma was pleased. I jumped at the opportunity to shower.  While in the shower, Mark was told we could leave.  The nurse was preparing our paperwork.  I wish she had told us before I got in the shower, but no such luck.  I went ahead and bathed Flo when I got out just so the nurse could change her dressing the first time before we left.  It took another hour before we could leave, but at 2pm we were on our way home.  We were all ready to go home and the missing rush hour traffic in Atlanta was a little bonus. We got home and Flo had a little gift left at the door. We found out our friends had just dropped it off so we told them to come on back by.  They did and Flo was thrilled.  I figured she would be upset because of the swelling on her face and having   them see her, but she just wanted to see her friends.  They played for about an hour and when they left she was tired.  It was good for her because she only got up a few times during the night.

Surgery Day!

We got to the hospital at 5:55am.  Flo was chatting and not too upset.  We checked in and signed our name to everything.  Everyone was wrist banded and we were told to wait.  10 minutes later they brought us back. We found out that Flo was tall for her age.  Who knew? We headed back to our room.  Room 25 was our holding tank until surgery time.  We met lots of people- nurses, doctors, and the sweet ladies that make kids comfortable at CHOA.  We gained a bear during this time.  He had a gown, hat and socks just like Flo.  He went back for surgery too.  We were told the surgery would take 2 hours, 1 hour, 45 minutes, and our take was no one really knows. Flo had not eaten since 9:00pm the night before and neither had we.  We held her tight when they came for her and we both kissed her.  We had prayed for her earlier.  She had entertained us for an hour when they gave her the Versed, I know versed. It is a weird name for a medication.  She took the meds and within 20 minutes she was making us roll.  She Face-Timed her sister and just was entertaining everyone.  Evidently that show went on to the OR.  She evidently had the doctor and the nurses in stitches before they put her under.  She told us of this crazy dream she had about the doctor that I will share later.  We told the doctor and he found it incredibly funny.  She slept most of the afternoon.  She tried so hard to watch tv and play games, but she was really exhausted and slept until about 5:00pm. 

1 Day before Surgery!

 Sunday was spent going to Mass and washing as many clothes as possible before we headed for the hospital at 5:00am.  We rushed around and got everything done. We had Mexican for lunch once again. Flo's choice. We took AG to my mom's house and then spent the afternoon visiting some close friends so Flo could play.  It was a great day and she was really tired.  Being tired eased her anxiousness and allowed her to sleep.  Thanks, Vickie.  I, on the other hand, did not sleep well and I was up at 3:00am.  The bags were at the door and Flo's favorite pillow was ready to roll at 3:15am. I messed on the computer until Mark came down at 4:00am.  It was now time.



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