Friday, June 20, 2014

Father's Day!

I refused to post a Father's Day reflection until we were DTC.  I had hoped it would be last Friday, but again we must wait on the Lord for He is good!  Today is the day He chose and today is a perfect day!  It is not Friday 13th, but Friday 20th.  I am fine with that.  I know that before we are ready our boys will be with us.  We have all these plans to get painting done and rearrange beds, etc.  We hope to get it all done, but we may travel sooner than later. Hoping for sooner.
We had a wonderful Father's Day.  We spent it with my Dad and future brother in law.  It was a day to be grateful for and one I will treasure.  I think about how many adult children like my Mark miss their Dad on this day.  I know Mark wishes his Dad was with us and I have many friends that miss theirs as well.  I can not imagine a Father's Day without my Dad and it saddens me to think that some day that day will come.  I am also saddened by the fact that my boys have spent many Father's Days without their Dad.
 I want you to know sweet boys, your Daddy is coming, your Baba is coming.  The paperwork is on its way and soon very soon you will no longer be fatherless.  You will know that our Lord in Heaven will not leave you fatherless.  You will have a Baba that loves you and cherishes each moment with you. We know somewhere in this great big world there are two Babas that have lost their sons for unknown circumstances.  We now pray that they will somehow feel comfort knowing that their boys are in the arms of a father that will love them and cherish them for the rest of his life.  Your Daddy loves you boys and he is asking God daily to move mountains to bring you both home.  He is working so hard to bring you home.  We love you so much and we can not wait to have you in our arms.

"Sons are indeed a heritage from the Lord, ..." Psalm 127:3

Thank you Lord for getting us here.  May your grace and presence be with us throughout this wait.



Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Our world looked different a year ago today.  We were at Scottish Rite Hospital and our Flo was recovering from Bone Graft surgery for her cleft lip.  She was extremely swollen and very hard to recognize.  Today she is completely recovered and the orthodontist true to his word took her braces off two weeks ago.  She is wearing a retainer at night and her scar on her thigh is starting to fade away.  I remember all of the fears I had a year ago and how God just handled all of it just like He always does.  She will continue to need ortho care for the next few years and a new set of braces may be a part of that, but for right now we are out of the woods for surgery for quite some time.  We are thankful for the wonderful doctors God has blessed us with and the great  insurance we have through Mark's job.  We know that our little John may soon have to go down this same road, but we are hoping and praying it will be without surgery.  Thank you all for your support over this past year and for loving and supporting our sweet Flo.



Two days after surgery 6/12/13

Gotcha Day 5/28/14

Monday, June 2, 2014



We found out over the weekend that little boy adopted a few months ago passed away.  He had no disease or chronic illness.  He died from the effects of months and months and months of neglect.  He was neglected in an orphanage and his little body could not fight it any more.  He lived to have a family.  The one thing that every orphan child wants he got before he died.  His family brought him home with great hopes but even our medical care could not erase the toll of neglect on his precious body.  As a family we read this story and we prayed for our boys.  There is no promises in adoption.  You have no guarantees and it is hard and it hurts and it is painful to imagine after all you have been through to get your baby home that you still may loose your child. Unfortunately, it is reality.  We know very little about either of our boys health. We definitely know less about John than Luke.  John has a huge list of unknowns, but he is our son and we are bringing him home. Please keep this family that has lost a son they longed for and loved in your thoughts in prayers.  We do not know God's reasons, but we know He has a purpose in all things.  

We have joy in our hearts this day.  We are 10 steps closer to our boys and 11 steps away.  Please know that we feel your prayers and appreciate them each and every day.  We are getting closer to bringing them home.  Know that when we announce LOA we will be busting out the photos.  We can not wait to have you all see our beautiful boys!  Can you tell we only have girls?  It should say Handsome boys!  Right?