Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Fun Fundraising!

We finally have a fundraising page!  Yeah!  It has taken me months and prayers to decide to do this.  I just did not know if I could ask people to help us.  God is making me humble each day and He is making us all realize that we need prayers on this journey and we need Him.  Also, in the last two weeks He has reminded me that I am not in any way in control of this.  He is in charge period!  Got it LORD!  I will not forget that part of this journey.  We are asking all family and friends that Love us to share our fundraising page with anyone you know. Pin it, share it, tweet it!  We have some serious fees coming due soon and we need to reach some of our goals on our page.  Pray for us please and for our boys.  If you can't financially help us, know that we understand and we would still appreciate your prayers.  They mean a lot to us.  We have come a long way, but we are now half way to the finish line.  We are excited to get our boys and want them today, but we know all things are in God's timing.  We are doing another fundraiser to bring the boys home.  We also have some shirts still available.

Piece of the Puzzle Fundraiser-  If you want to be a piece of the puzzle, we are selling puzzle pieces for $10.00 each.  If you go to our adopt together site and pay, please let us know and we will add your name to a puzzle piece.  This puzzle will go in our boys' room so they will know who helped bring them home.

We love you all!
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